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Carol McKinney

I am a native New Englander, born and raised in Nashua, NH.

I met my husband while I was in college in NH, and he was from Bellingham, Wa. We were married in 1974 and lived on the Mt Baker Highway. I was able to secure a teaching position, where I began my professional career at Larrabee and Happy Valley schools. In 1976 we moved back to NH, where I continued to teach until 2002.

In 2003 while visiting my mother-in-law in Bellingham, we visited Lummi Island. My husband had spent a great deal of time on the island and worked on a reef-net boat. He had many fond memories of Lummi and wanted me to see where he had  spent a great deal of time growing up.

While driving around, we came across a property that had a “For Sale” sign and had a gorgeous view of Mt Baker, and ended up buying it. In 2007, we became seasonal residents and moved here permanently in 2016.

Some of the committees and organizations I am a part of:

    • Scenic Estates social and welcome wagon chairperson  
    • AAUW Whatcom County, I coordinate the student food bank for WCC, Western, BTC
    • Grange
    • LICA
    • Civic Club
    • Presenter and board member for BCOIA (Bucks County Organization for Intercultural Advancement.) Usually in February we visit Guatemala and present workshops for public school teachers and administrators in the highlands and south coast. We supply teachers and students with books and materials for the classroom along with scholarships to the University of Guatemala.. We service 700 students and in 2015 we added a preschool with over 600 students. 
    • My interests include sewing, skiing, golfing, hiking and gardening.

When my husband passed away in September of  2017, I was overwhelmed by  the outpouring of kindness I received from island people. Now, I want to do everything I can to make the island community even better.  I love island life and hope I can contribute to improving it.

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