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The Tome

tome \TOHM\ noun.

1 : a volume forming part of a larger work.
2 : book; especially : a large or scholarly book.

The Tome is the printed newsletter publication of the Lummi Island Community Association (LICA) and is published monthly except August and December.  

Donations supporting LICA help us publish the Tome.  Our annual budget is on a calendar year basis, January to December.

Delivery of the paper version is free for Lummi Island Postal Customers.
Donations pay our expenses for publishing it and providing our many services to the Community.
Historically many donate at least $20 or more to support LICA.


      • Mailing to an Off-Island USA address costs $18.00 yr
      • Mailing to a Canadian address costs $24.00 yr in U.S. funds
      • Internet delivery (eTOME) to each email address is $6.00 yr

        These rates are subject to change.

LICA does not endorse advertisements that appear in the tome. Availability of advertising space is on a First-Come, First-Served basis.  Contact Publisher@LICA.us for more information.

Opinions of contributors to The Tome do not necessarily reflect those of the Officers, Directors, Editor(s) or Members of the Lummi Island Community Association.

Brown Betty

Brown Betty  is an email publication of the Lummi Island Community Association (LICA) and is published as needed anytime there is important news that cannot wait for publication in The Tome.  You can only sign up for this service if you get the Tome / eTome which are supported by your donations.

Lummi Island Directory

Published by LICA, this is the Official printed Directory for the Island. 

It includes a list of Organizations and Institutions, Emergency & Important numbers, Business Yellow pages, and the white pages list all of the participating people on the island.

Advertisements in the Directory are accepted and are coordinated by the LICA Publications Team.

Limited numbers of Lummi Island Directory will be available for sale at The Islander Store. If you Donate to LICA and live on the Island, each publication year you will receive a copy as part of your supporting the community.

Information for the Next Directory

2023 is the next Publication year. You can enter information at any time below:

Note: Any person in a household with a different or hyphenated last name will have a separate listing as well.

Community Website

OurLummiIsland.org (this website) is one of the many publications & services provided by LICA and funded via your Support.

The website provides many services to the community and ANY of it’s organizations though extensive features and programming including:

      • Add events directly to the Island wide Community Calendar
      • Able to manage Event sign-up’s online for physical events, meetings, or Video Conferencing (Zoom, etc.)
      • Post Announcements to the Home page of the site
      • Run special surveys & polls
      • Have online Elections via secure Voting
      • Access to Fundraising systems
      • and more features are added often..

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