Ferry Outage Public Survey

Ferry Outage Public Survey

The Lummi Island Public Dock Advisory Committee is collecting personal experiences to analyze the impact of a Ferry suddenly being unavailable, and present the case for a Public Dock (not a Marina). This dock would also assist with Urgent Need access to the mainland. We will use this information to help:

  • Present to the Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Department justification for a Public Dock.
  • Present to the Whatcom County Council and the Public Works Department the full story of how outages impact people on and off the island.

This survey is to collect information from Islanders, Businesses, and Visitors that have been impacted by Planned and Un-Planned ferry outages.

It will help us best represent the community if you fill out the form once per Outage.


  1. If you had a delivery or service provider at your place just before the Outage, and their staff got stuck during the outage – Please contact them and ask if they would also participate in the Survey since it impacted them as well.  Please tell the company to type this short link:  gotoit.at/pdc-01b  in their browser.
  2. An outage is defined as ANY unplanned unavailability of a Ferry when it should be running.  DryDock itself is not an outage since it is planned for maintenance, and a passenger ferry is provided.  BUT the Passenger ferry out of service during DryDock is an outage.
  3. The Survey will always be available for ANY outages and can be fond in the Ferry / Travel / Weather section of the website.
For Instance: a Detailed background on your unique experience and need. IF you were able to make it across somehow, what Difficulties and Hazards did you or family personally face in doing so?

Updated: 2023/03/03 @ 11:29 pm Tark Henderson

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