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The many Services and Publications that LICA provides Your  Community, including our Grants to other organizations, are all  provided through your Donations, Advertising, and Volunteering. We could not do it without you.

Please consider the many options below:

Donate Directly:

The button above lets you choose a donation from any of the three we suggest or any amount you like. You also have the option of making this donation monthly.

Our Payment processor is PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account in order to donate using a credit card.

Contribute via Amazon Smile:

They will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases with no fees, or extra cost.

You pay the same amount as you always would.

Register with Smile via the box below and request for Amazon Smile to donate to the entire community via LICA as your Smile selection.

Note: If you are using the Amazon App on your Cellphone, you will have to tell it twice a year to use AmazonSmile. This is done in the App’s Settings section. Keep a look out for the emails from Amazon reminding you of this and how to do it.

If you use the Desktop Chrome Browser, you can make sure to be using Smile for all your purchases by installing SmileAlways which is a Chrome extension that automatically redirects you to smile.amazon.com to make donating to any charity easier!

Advertise in a LICA Publication:

    • The Tome (print edition)
    • eTome (delivered via email)
    • Community Phone Book



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