Proposed Bylaws Changes

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Dear Islanders,

We are reviewing our bylaws. We wish to make them simple, clear, and useful.

These are the first of the changes we will be proposing.

Please read for content only. Because of additions and changes, numbering will be corrected on the revised bylaws. Any errors in mechanics (spelling, grammar, style and punctuation not affecting meaning) will be corrected before final publication.

What we intend to do this time:

In Article 5…

  1. Reduce the number of mandatory, formal membership meetings to four per year, rather than nearly every month. We can still call a general membership meeting any time a decision and vote needs to be made; we just don’t want to over-do business meetings, nor does the Board wish to have two meetings a month to prepare for. The socials and presentations will continue!
  2. Remove specific requirements about dates, times and locations of meetings. Being highly restrictive in where and when the membership must meet creates problems and is not necessary. Very likely, our meetings will continue just as they have, but if there’s a better place or time, we need the flexibility. We will let you know you of any change.
  3. Get rid of the idea of signing up to be a member. That’s been on the books for ages and we’ve not been following the rule. Each islander and each property owner is a member of LICA!
  4. Change meeting notice requirements to the longer ten days required by law.

In Article 6 – Sections 8, 9, 10…

  1. State a minimum number of Board meetings and allow flexibility as to days and times.
  2. Require that the Board publish a calendar of membership and board meetings.
  3. Make provision for emergency and urgent meetings, as the law wisely permits.

In Article 12…

  1. Make the Annual Meeting in January, not at the end of February. That way, the new board and officers – and the grant recipients you approve – won’t have to wait until March to get to business.
  1. Make it more efficient to change the bylaws. Currently, we must present changes at a membership meeting, then wait a month or more for the next meeting for a vote. This is slow and cumbersome. We propose to get the changes to you (or a summary of them) through the TOME/eTome, with the full text at the meeting and on, nicely ahead of when you will vote on them. That could cut the process from two-plus months to about two weeks.

We, of course, welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact Lee Mosley, Secretary via this LINK.


Mary Ross, President
The Lummi Island Community Association

Updated: 2023/07/06 @ 7:25 pm Alan Krum

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