St. Paddy’s Day Shopping?

St. Paddy’s Day Shopping?

The wine bags I am making and selling will be to raise money for LICA at $10 each.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the bags, I will be making these for all occasions and holidays.  Please email, text or call me.

Jesse Powell
564-203-8156   (cell)

I started teaching myself to sew during COVID.  As a kid I used to watch my grandmother sew.  She could make anything and I will always remember sitting and watching her.  This got me to thinking about a reusable gift that would not end up in the trash that we all seem to use.  I came up with the wine bags after I bought another paper one that ripped open on me.  I don’t have to tell you what happen to the wine that was in that bag Ugh


My partner Peter and I bought our first place on the island back in 1999 in Scenic Estates which we sold a year later to purchase Dan Gibb’s property at the top of Dogwood Terrace. We lived in the single wide trailer until we were able to build our first house there around 2007. In 2009 we sold it and moved to Tuttle Lane where we were weekenders, In 2019 we became full time residents after I retired. I worked as a Director of Sales for TELUS for 17 years. TELUS was big on volunteer work and supporting as many non profits as possible. So now that I am retired, I would like to help support our local Island and communities.

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