Ongoing Annual Funding

Ongoing Annual Funding

Your donations support all our services throughout the year via our annual budget:  The Tome/eTome, Brown Betty, Island Directory, Grants, Community Website & Calendar, Events, Celebrations, and more.

In past years, we called your donation a subscription to the Tome, but it was always so much more.  The Tome, a cherished island tradition, is one of many ways LICA serves our friends and neighbors, and it has always been free to every island household address.  What we need is your generous assistance to continue the Tome/eTome, Brown Betty, the Directory, our Grants, our community activities, and our service to the great island we all call home.

The printing and mailing of the November Tome cost $645.41 and paper prices are still  going up.  And we cannot even consider or get pastel paper!   We print 10 Tomes a year.. so just that adds up fast.

Please consider making your annual donation now if you have not already, as the amount we receive determines what funds we can count on this year. 

If you would like to check if you have donated already, just contact us at   The donation form which helps us keep track is available at the Island Library main desk or you can also download a copy HERE 

Updated: 2023/03/02 @ 5:56 pm Tark Henderson

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