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Lummi Island Wildflowers

The bouquet of an island wildflower meadow in spring is truly something to appreciate. In addition to feeding our eyes and noses with rich colors and splendid native fragrances, wildflowers are important to the rhythm of island life. They provide important nourishment for native bees, butterflies, birds and other pollinators; which, in turn, provide food, medication and clean water.

Although our protected meadows and open fields are the most visible locations for wildflowers in spring, they are not the only dwelling-places for wild flowering plants. The island contains a broad mix of land forms from elevated highlands to marshy bogs, from forested hills to rocky outcroppings, from sunny coastal beaches to shady stream-side nooks; and all these places harbor beautiful wildflowers particularly adapted to their specific environment. 

Because we have sometimes taken steps to protect these valuable lands and sometimes simply ignored them, we still have wild island places today and in these special places we are rewarded with displays of often fantastical and always valuable wildflowers.

It is my goal to share with you some of our islands diverse collection of wildflowers. I use the term “wildflower” loosely. I include both native and non-native plants and even a few weeds, if not for their value…at least for their beauty. Please enjoy…

Dal Neitzel



Updated: 2022/10/17 @ 1:08 am Tark Henderson

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