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Wildflower – Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush – by Dal Neitzel

Indian paintbrush is sometimes called Hairy Indian Paintbrush or Painted Cup. This paintbrush is the dominant form of the family around Lummi Island. However the plant is highly variant resulting in a lot of plant diversification including colorations and leaf shape.

It likes rocky slopes in open areas and is slightly parasitic, meaning that it takes some of its food from other plants.

These bright orange plants grab your attention as you walk along the trail. They do not blend in. They seem to be quite proud of their color differences from surrounding green plants.

They are a member of the figwort family…and no…I do not know what a figwort is…although it sounds like something from a Harry Potter story.

This plant was photographed near the top of the trail to the overlook on the Baker Preserve.

Dal Neitzel


Updated: 2021/06/17 @ 5:43 pm Tark Henderson

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