Sign-Up for Mexican Themed Potluck, and Program

Sign-Up for Mexican Themed Potluck, and Program

Wednesday, March 22nd 2023 at the Grange and via Zoom


We welcome any Islanders that have recently joined the island community during the last three years.  While all islanders are encouraged to be a part of this informative evening, we really look forward to hearing from newer community members about their experiences, challenges, and suggestions to improve how our community welcomes newcomers. 

Julia Lowe and Lane Davis-Coury both moved to Lummi Island during the last 3 years and found it challenging to figure out the what the ins and outs of island life were all about.  Both have the desire to make it easier for others.  Julia, Lane, and 20-year islander Mary Ross are working together to organize information, resources, and people to extend the island spirit of Aloha to Lummi Island.

Join us in person at the Grange or via Zoom for a brief 15-minute LICA business meeting, then the program followed by the monthly door prize drawing that will award $25.00 to a person present either in the Grange or attending via Zoom

Please RSVP by signing up below – Even if you are not bringing something for the PotLuck


  • Enjoy the PotLuck and Socialize
  • Short ~15 minute business meeting
    • Approval of prior meeting minutes (2 minutes)
    • Treasurers Summary Report (2 minutes)
    • Announcement of Upcoming Events (5 minutes)
  • Program – “New to the Island?” with discussion on island life, resources, and suggestions
  • Door Prize

Starting Times: 

  • Potluck Setup is at 6pm, Please wait until 6:30 to begin eating.
    • Bring your own Plate, Bowl, Utensils, Drink glass and Napkins  
    • If you are contributing anything for the PotLuck, let us know as you Sign-Up below to RSVP.  
  • If you are attending via ZOOM please start to join a few minutes before 7pm
  • The LICA Business Meeting begins at approximately 7:15pm and expected to last ~15 minutes.

At all 2023 LICA Membership meetings: 

    • Someone will win a $25 “Door Prize”  while attending the business meeting and the program
    • Each person must attend the entire meeting IN PERSON or via ZOOMfrom beginning to end.
      • Tickets will only be handed out from 6:30pm until 7:30pm – one per person  
      • Zoom attendees will be assigned tickets as well, during the same time period.
      • A ticket will be chosen randomly at the end of the meeting until we have a winner.

Please go to Event Sign-Up to RSVP if attending in Person or via Zoom
This helps us plan for attendance, who is contributing to the Potluck, setting up the seating, and more.

Meeting Documents (in Bold as they become available):


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