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Blood Drive

Due to COVID, the normally scheduled Blood Drives are postponed until further notice.

Current Schedule:

    • MM/DD/YYYY – Prior Whole Blood Giving Cut off
    • MM/DD/YYYY – Last platelet Donation Cut off
    • MM/DD/YYYY – Whole Blood Drive Day

Every donation one of us gives can help up to 3 others. Our blood will directly aid our friends, neighbors, and other individuals in our community who have suffered serious injuries and burns, need transfusions during surgeries, or have life-threatening chronic diseases like leukemia and cancer that require frequent transfusions. Your contribution is literally life-saving to the person that needs it.

Wondering if you’re eligible to give? So long as you haven’t made a whole blood, double red, or plasma donation after the Prior Giving Cut off date above, you will be eligible to give. The last day to make a platelet donation is Listed above to still be eligible to give whole blood on the Whole Blood Drive Day listed.

We will be reaching out to our wonderful group of previous donors as we can to schedule appointments for the Island wide blood drive. First time donors are encouraged to call and schedule an appointment too.

Mary Ross 425-941-0087 is the Blood Drive Coordinator


Team Notes:

Coordinator: Mary Ross

[Mary, this is a possible presentation page format for Blood Drive. The idea is to have a bullet point schedule at the top for any Current drive., with the information below to be generalized about donating if possible. That way only a small amount of text to change on the page each time (as date changes in text tend to get missed in updating by folks, whereas a large text Section like above does not.]

Updated: 2021/10/19 @ 11:47 am Gayle Lurenz

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