Our Lummi Island Community

Lummi Island Foundation for Education (LIFE)

We are committed to sustaining and enhancing education at Beach School and for children on Lummi Island through current and long-term financial support and stability.  

Board of Directors:


      • Chair:  Myria Rodeman
      • Vice Chair:  Tom Phillips
      • Secretary:  Peter Morgan
      • Treasurer:  Britta Hudson

Board members:

      • Monika Baumgart
      • Jenny Bettis
      • Cindy Dabney
      • Ramnika Jain 
      • Sara Ketchley
      • Olivia Marshall
      • Doreen Richmond

Our various fundraisers/events throughout the year include:

  • Pie sale 
  • Turkey Trot
  • Theatre Camp
  • Car Wash
  • Art board events
  • Virtual Talent Show
  • We may have other events developing as we brainstorm creative fundraising


Updated: 2022/09/08 @ 4:47 pm Tark Henderson

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