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Cindy Minkler

Cindy Minkler (Lakota Sioux) graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a B.A. in Music Education (K-12) and Piano Performance. Since then, she’s been an educator, graduation speaker, freelance pianist, piano teacher, and performer.

In the 90’s, Cindy was seen on the hit dramedy television show “Northern Exposure.” In 2003 she was invited to perform at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco where she featured her original composition, “Battle of the Little Big Horn.” Cindy performed and won an award at the 2009 West Coast American Indian Music Awards Show. She recently finished her studies in music therapy at Western Michigan University. 

Minkler produced two of her original piano CD’s, “Chronological Growth” and “Holdin’ Me Up.”

When covid-19 clears she plans on continuing music therapy programs at schools to enhance learning by improving attention and social skills, managing anxiety and promoting emotional expression. 

During her free-time she enjoys playing the piano, composing, writing, swimming, going on walks, collecting rocks and photography.

YouTube Channel: SiouxPianist



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