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Community Grants Program

When the Grant Program is announced for the year, you can download and print the Community Grant Application from HERE. Mail it to:
LICA Grants, PO Box 163, Lummi Island, WA 98262-0163.

LICA started its Community Grant program in 2002, and each fall in November, we announce our the current years program and solicit grant applications from non-profit Lummi Island organizations and entities, with a deadline of December 15th.  The following January Board meeting we know how much we have available in the budget for grants.

Our sole source of revenue supporting our budget and these Grants is from your donations, advertising, and other fundraisers.

Often some of the grants exceed what the Board can approve, so the bylaws require us to get affirmative votes from the membership at the February Annual meeting.  The Board can approve $500 expenses any time, and we use this provision to consider pre-approving applications of $500 or less.  


Team Notes:

I have sent an email to Paul asking if he could write up a draft .doc for us using the outline above. He has come up with some great stuff which I will get into here ASAP

Paul Note:
I think the bylaws state that if the Grant Package is over 15% of our total assets, it must be approved at two meetings, or something like that.  We never check to see if we are over 15%.  If we did, then maybe approval at only one meeting would be enough sometimes.

Updated: 2023/01/04 @ 10:29 pm Tark Henderson

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