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Lummi Island Grange (LIGH)

2215 N. Nugent Rd
PO Box 123
Lummi Island WA, 98262
Rentals: jatt@isomedia.com 360-319-1485
Estab. 1929

“Serve our community and have fun”

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Imagination Library

The Lummi Island Grange sponsors FREE BOOKS for all Lummi Island children, ages birth to 5 years old. This is provided through the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Each month a registered child receives an age appropriate book with the goal to inspire the love of reading. Reading is the foundation of all learning and by reading aloud to a child, the foundational building blocks of learning are established.

If you have a child or grandchild you would like to register, please contact Carolyn Jenkins for more information. 360-758-2662
Note: The child may live off Island, but books can only be sent to Island addresses.

Help this program by depositing your crushed aluminum cans in the collection bin at the Grange. It is located on the Right side of the Parking lot entrance.

How did the Island Grange start?

March, 1929 …  ” W.H. Kaufman of North Bellingham was on island organizing a Grange.  A charter was sent for and the society will soon be in working order.”  
        M. Granger, Master;  Colonel Blizard, secretary;  Mrs. Ruby Taft, lecturer.  

“Will Kaufman was my maternal Grandfather. I didn’t know he organized the Lummi Island Grange.  M. Granger would be Melzior (Later Melzer) Granger, who was the Patriarch of the Island Granger Clan.  The “Colonel” was of course Jackie’s Great-grandfather, and Ruby her Grandmother.  Ruby and Frank Taft created The Willows Inn.  There is, of course, some confusion about the Granger family and the Grange and the Grange Hotel near Point Migley.  The Grange Hotel and the Granger family are in no way related to the National Grange organization of which ours is a branch.  It is just a coincidence that the first Lummi Island Grange Master was a Granger.. It must confuse some people.

Will lived on a farm at Smith Road and Hwy 99 (now I-5).  He was politically active and a union organizer and County tax assessor.  My paternal Grandfather, Robert Abraham Lincoln Davis bought this property when it was platted in 1908.  He was President of Washington Wholesale Grocery and lived in a big house on the same block as the Roeder house in Bellingham.  My two grandfathers didn’t know each other until my parents started dating in high school – or maybe when they married after college.  I wonder how my grandfathers got along – they were political adversaries.  I knew them both, but never saw them together.”
        Paul Davis

Grange Officers:

    • President/Master –  Mel Kolstad
    • Vice President –  Bryon Moye
    • Secretary and Treasurer – Beverly Busch


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