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We have a fair of deer here due to lack of Coyotes that are their natural predators, although there are some coyotes on the island.
Deer are one reason to drive slowly – There are several deer that are hit by cars every year.

There are also many fawns that are born in the spring and early summer, and cause concern for people when their mothers are not in sight. Deer will leave their fawns for several hours and then return to them. The general rule whether a fawn needs to be picked up and taken to rehab is: Does it have spots? If spotted, and the mother after a day is not seen responding to it, then it is a candidate for rehab. If not, then there is really nothing that can be done for them. A deer entangled will need help.

The Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WHSWRC) can help. The Humane Society is also the organization to call if you come across a deceased deer.

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